Saturday, June 28, 2008

Create a free website in 2 minutes

The site makes it easy to create a website. The site offers a simple interface that almost anyone can use to build a simple but nice looking website. You don't need to have any knowledge of html or CSS to build a simple, yet good-looking homepage. When you think you have finished constructing the site, then you can upload the page to WIXs server or download the code of the site and put it somewhere else on the Internet. I think there are a lot of pretty great-looking templates at Check out WIX.coms video on YouTube to preview some of the features of the site. should also optimize sites for better ranking in search engines, such as Google. I can't tell if it works or not, but it may be worth mentioning. I think the site is well worth a visit anyway, because the site itself is rather good-looking. You'll find the site at

[via Webware]

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