Monday, June 30, 2008

The death of Microsoft's Windows XP

On 30 June 2008 Microsoft ended Windows XP. Protests and petitions have not helped, today an era of operating systems development came to it's end. Windows XP Home Edition and Professional Edition was made available to the public on 31 december 2001. Today, just over six and a half years later Microsoft ceased sales of Windows XP. Many people have thoughts about Windows XP, but an operating system that is running for over six years, it is certainly not so bad. Certainly, Microsoft has almost a monopoly on the market, but still XP has done a very great job. I think it is rather a pity that Microsoft now stop selling Windows XP, because I certainly isn't fond of Microsoft's new operating system Windows Vista. I don't think that an operating system will simply need to have 1GB of RAM just to start. File copying is also sometimes so slow that I almost fall asleep copying files on my Vista computer. No, I prefer small, light and fast operating system (read Ubuntu), which works equally well on an old computers as on a new modern machine. Some people, however, will stil manage to get a copy of Windows XP in the future, even on new computers. Microsoft will in fact also continue to sell Windows XP as an pre-installed operating systems on minicomputers such as ASUS Eee PC, PC Classmates etc. It will also be possible to downgrade Vista Ultimate and Vista Business to Windows XP. Some computer stores will also have Windows XP as pre-installed OS on computers in unsold stock. At the same time, a rumour told by several bloggers, say that Microsoft's next operating system, Windows 7, will be released in January 2010. It may only be rumours, but if it is true, it is almost an great idea to invest in Windows XP before it is too late, and then Windows 7, when the time comes. This may be a solution to completely avoid Vista.

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