Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Adobe Flash + Google + Yahoo = true!

Adobe Flash gives designers a good chance to design web pages that are both stylish and functional. Adobe Flash has also created a great deal of concern among many designers because websites built with the help of Flash were not indexed by search engines like Google and Yahoo. In this sense, the visitors found it difficult to find web pages, which of course is a clear disadvantage, Adobe announced in a press release that Adobe opens up its Adobe Flash Technology for Google and Yahoo. Google has already begun to index web sites using the new technology. Information previously been hidden for Google's crawlers is now possible for the search engine to index.Google further on will deliver search results with interesting hits even on web pages that contain Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash is installed on millions of computers and is expected to be installed on more than 98% of all internet connected computers. Read more about Adobe's involvement with Google and Yahoo in Adobe's press release which can be found here.

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