Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blu-ray burner to Mac Pro and Power Mac

MCE Technologies has released a Blu-ray recorder that works to the Mac Pro and Power Mac. The recorder is able to burn on 25GB discs at a speed of 6X and 50GB dual-layer discs at a speed of 4X. The recorder is compatible with DVD+R/+RW Dual/Double Layer, DVD-RAM, and CD-R and CD-RW, but also capable of reading the HD DVD-ROM and burn LightScribe discs. The recorder sales in different versions and what distinguishes is the software that comes with the package. It is possible to get the recorder, but with software for $499, or with burning software Toast Titanium 9 + Toast BD/HD Plug-in for $599, or for those who have got a lot of money, with Adobe Premier Pro CS3 for $1295.00. It should, however, be clear that it takes her little time to burn a Blu-ray disc of 50GB at the speed of 4X. It the only disadvantage (in addition to the price then) that it takes a that long time to burn that much information in such a low speed. To learn more about MCE Technologies' new burner read here.

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