Sunday, March 16, 2008

The basics of Google search

Do you know how to use Google search in an efficient way? I will give you some advice concerning Google's search options. You probably already know several of my hints, but maybe there is still something for you to catch up on. The simplest way to limit the number of search results is to add more words into the text input field and then click the search button once again. One thing that I was unfamiliar with was that you can exclude a word by using a minus sign in front of a specific word. When using this method it is very important to have a blank space before the minus sign. If you are going to search for a phrase or quote then you shall use quotation marks before and after the phrase. Another useful tip is to limit the search to only one site. To achieve this you have to write the word site, followed by a colon and the domain name. For instance, if you are going to search for Britney Spears at, then you must write Britney Spears Whenever you are looking for information belonging to a particular topic you probably would find the desirable information in one of Google's directories. Go to and choose your topic of interest before carrying out the search. Google also supply different methods to exclude a domain from search, to search only one single language and to find web pages related to other domains by links.

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