Saturday, March 22, 2008

iTunes and QuickTime update installs Safari for Windows

If you are using either Apple's iTunes or QuickTime then you will risk to auto-download Apple's new web browser Safari 3.1 for Windows. QuickTime and iTunes are using an auto-update tool to automatically download new software updates. This time the update tool will try to install the Safari browser along with the other updates. Users of the two programs therefore risk to install unwanted software at the moment they update iTunes and QuickTime. Mozilla CEO John Lilly complain that Apple's strategy borders on malware distribution habits. He also says that the behavior may effect people in the way that some won't trust auto-updates furthermore. Lilly said something important here, because it's very important to maintain the relationship between software users and the software companies. In any event, users should be aware of pre-checked options before installing new softwares and updates.

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they should be sued or something they had safari on my vista b4 i even knew what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!