Friday, March 21, 2008

The Iraq war on YouTube

This week it is the 5th anniversary since the outbreak of the Iraq war. When the war began the video site YouTube didn't even exist. Today almost everybody are familiar with the site. There are many video clips that give us a picture of the war. You can for example watch the American first bomb raid against Baghdad. There is also a video clip that shows American soldiers on patrol in Baghdad. Another video clip shows still pictures of the war. A lot of people are negative to the Iraq war. Therefore you also can find antiwar clips on YouTube. USA use YouTube to spread war propaganda. The forces do have a channel at YouTube where the American forces publish their own video clips. A sad clip on YouTube describes the last letter of a soldier to his wife in US. The letter is performed as an opera song. One video clip has been shown about two million times. It is a video clip showing American soldiers during a street fight of Haifa.

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