Sunday, March 16, 2008

Japanese Internet providers block popular torrent site

TechCrunch published an article about Japanese ISPs upcoming block of a popular torrent site. Japanese Internet providers will probably block Internet users in Japan from using the filesharing site before both the United Kingdom and France take similar action. This got me thinking about the court case initiated by the Danish anti-piracy organization IFPI, which ruled that the Danish Internet provider DMT2 had to stop Danish Internet users from connecting to the torrent site named The Pirate Bay. The decision was an outcome of the former block of the Russian site ALLOFMP3. In the Danish case the spokesman of The Pirate Bay said that the decision prevented Danish people from downloading even legal material. The IFPI spokesman on the other hand defended the outcome of the Danish court by saying that almost all material on TPB is illegal and that the outcome of the Danish case will show the world that this kind of filesharing are undesirable. Time must show whether more countries will follow the Danish and Japanese example or if the pirates will find a way to avoid the action most recently taken by the Japanese ISPs.

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